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western romance, contemporary romance, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Greetings! It has been eons since I’ve done a snippet on Saturday. Well, this headline is fitting in two ways. For today’s snippet, I planned on doing an excerpt from Dane’s book because I have two promos going on. One at Bargain Booksy and one at Robin Reads. And, the book is on sale! The book sits at #16 right now in Contemporary Western Fiction at Amazon. Wahoo.

mary j mccoy-dressel, western romance

Another reason Dane’s book is fitting is because it’s National Drink Wine Day. Gracelyn, the heroine in this book, is a Guild Wine Master. Cheers!

Today my snippet comes to you in the form of a graphic. I checked to see if I posted this before, and I didn’t find it in my search. My apologies if you did read this in a previous post or my newsletter. Settle back with your favorite wine and sip as you read.


Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Gracelyn enters at the perfect time. She thinks she’s pulling a fast one over on Dane about her choice of wine. Sometimes Dane speaks before he thinks. A couple more beers at this meeting with Gracelyn, he might’ve said more. Yes, he’s drinking beer after his flight to Ft. Benning is delayed. Delayed all right. Delayed until the next day. Need I say more?   ❤ ❤

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romanceThem song for this book: “Once in a Lifetime” by Clay Walker.

I have an opened bottle of Prosecco, a sparkling wine, for later. If you drink wine, do you have a favorite you’d like to recommend? Remember– “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Salute!

I appreciate your visit today. Thanks for taking the time.