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Last week I didn’t write a Short Snippet Saturday Post. Instead, I’m giving you a little information about my hero and heroine in my next book—Lassoing the Last Dance—Randy Drake and Roxanne Connor. You will also find details about secondary characters in the Double Dutch Ranch and Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series.

Readers of the series met these people in previous books. Upcoming hero Randy has been around since book one. So has Roxanne, but you didn’t meet her until Tristan’s Destiny, Bonus Book, #1.5 where she came face to face with Randy and wow did sparks fly. Many readers skip over Tristan’s Destiny because it isn’t considered part of the series according to book retailers. The #1.5 or .5 or 2.5, whatever, gets their panties in a bunch. Well, doggone!

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, Lassoing the Last Dance

Our Hero:

Randy Drake started out in a small role as one of Tristan’s ranch hands, but as the series evolved, so did Randy. Readers, you might remember he appeared at Judy’s Thanksgiving dinner in Cowboy Boss. Since I knew he’d have his own book one day, I made sure to mention his name, or to have him make an appearance in each book in the series. He has a non-working ranch bordering the Double Dutch—the Circle D Ranch. Many ranchers around the area depend on him to train their horses. The Carlson’s have a lot of respect for him, and he says, “If I didn’t see my birth certificate, I’d swear I was a Carlson.”

His buddy calls him a horse whisperer. I wouldn’t go that far, but if Jude Bryson wants to brag on him, fine. His friend Jude came to me as an accident from another book I wrote, but it won’t see the light of day. LOL. Now I’m calling my future hero an accident? Nah, he’s no accident, but he came to this book in an accidental way. He’s already evolving in the series. You’ll meet Jude in Lassoing the Last Dance, but he gets his own book in Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series #2, the spin off to the Double Dutch Ranch Series. (I hope y’all are reading the new series.)

Secondary Characters With Big Roles:

mary j mccoy-dressel, western series romanceAnother secondary character in my series is Rob Adams. Rob appears in each and every book, and he has already evolved. He’s a bartender in Canyon Junction, and an MC who does parties, weddings, and proms. What is his future in the series? I’m not sure yet.

Regular series readers love to see how the characters have grown from one book to the next and to find out what is new in their lives, for example: Are there babies? Are they still happy? What’s new in their lives? I like to keep them updated about the heroes and heroines from previous books and also the secondary characters. Sure, this gives away details about previous books, but I realize that readers don’t always read in order. I can’t hold back what needs to be told in the book I’m working on.

In Whispers of Forever, Wade Emory is an important secondary character. His name was first mentioned in Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord as Dane Carlson’s best friend. No one knew he worked for Jake Lawton at the JL Ranch until Whispers of Forever came out. Will Wade get his own book? Shrugging. I can’t tell all my secrets.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Sheriff Leon Thompson is another secondary character who appears in each book. Don’t count on him getting a book of his own. He’s happy doing exactly what he’s doing. Feel free to check out Visit Canyon Junction for a bit more on the town. The page is a work in progress.

And then we have Davy, a ranch hand who gets around to most of the books, if not all of them. Nowadays you won’t find Davy without Chloe, the former teen brat. Anyone remember Lacy, or Beth’s best friend, Lily? I would say they’re minor characters but were necessary in the book they were in. My character profile sheet has grown.

I love when I create a character, or they create themselves, and their personality and character grow in my mind. Sometimes readers contact me to say they want to see so-and-so get their own book. Oh, so much to write and so little time. I want to please y’all, but I can only write so fast. As it is, friends and family yell at me to get off my computer and to get a life. If they only knew the joy I get from writing.

The following image isn’t the cover for Lassoing the Last Dance. This is only a graphic I played with that looks like my Randy and Roxanne. Sometimes Randy calls her Foxy Rox.  😉

Double Dutch Ranch Series, Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western RomanceOn to Our Heroine:

Roxanne Conner is Nora Trinity’s best friend. They’ve been friends since childhood, but like Nora, Roxanne moved away from Canyon Junction when she completed high school. Regardless, home is home, and eventually, they both returned. She is first mentioned in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny when Nora explains how Roxanne and her dad once helped Nora out of a bad situation. I planned on these two being a hero and heroine of book four way back in Cowboy Boss. She too has been subtly mentioned in other books. Carrying on a long-distance relationship like they are, isn’t as easy as it sounds, so we’ll see where this has taken Randy and Roxanne from book 1.5 to book four.

Tristan’s Destiny, where they meet, is a Bonus Book, and it isn’t necessary to be read after Cowboy Boss, but reading before Lassoing the Last Dance could be beneficial. Why? Not only do Randy and Roxanne meet in Tristan’s Destiny, but Nora and Tristan’s lives change, too, with both good and not-so-good happenings. Cowboy Boss and his Destiny has a lighter storyline, where in Tristan’s Destiny, Nora and Tristan’s bond is put to the test, and takes them on a more dramatic path. I created a short, short video for book 1.5. You can view it here .



This book has a lot of life-changing events for this little family:

tristan's destiny, mary j mccoy-dressel, western romance double dutch ranch series

Bonus Book #1.5

Lassoing the Last Dance is in the final proofreading stage with my editor as we speak. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading this long post. Have a glorious day.