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Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, Pixabay, guilty pleasures blog post

Guilty Pleasures

Here we are at Week 10 in the 52-Week Blog Hop Challenge via Marketing For Romance Writers Blog. I wrote this last week so I didn’t miss 7 Guilty Pleasures. Oh, boy! Seven of them? Only seven? Haha. I’m not real good at this keeping-up-weekly thing, but I will get in what I can. I’m keeping this to a G Rating for public viewing, but that isn’t the rating for my private guilty pleasures.

  • Does it go without saying? Other than cowboys >>Chocolate would be #1. I’m fine if I stay away from it, but one bite ignites the craving. It’s true, I’ve already lost the battle with one bite. Add caramel to it and I’m your slave. > (Don’t get any ideas, I’m joking.)

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, guilty pleasures blog post

  • Netflix. If you take it away, I’ll probably read more than I usually do.
  • Pringles Original!
  • Pedicure, though you wouldn’t know it right now. It’s time. TMI?

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, guilty pleasures blog post

    • Country music. Kip Moore. Dierks Bentley’s scratchy voice tears me to pieces in such a good way. OMG  >>> Undone by Joe Nichols makes me want to crawl into one of my books and jump a cowboy. Never mind which one. I have chills thinking about this song because it gets me “undone.” “I want you so bad, baby, you know how to make me come…undone.” Wrecking Ball by Eric Church >>>See “Undone.”<<< LOL  ❤
  • This will be a good time to fit in Wrangler butts.
  • Bacon. What? Who me?
  • Guys driving a badass pickup truck.
  • My upcoming cover model’s deep voice and sexy accent when he does Facebook Live. I can even hear the sexy in his tone in a FB message. M’bad. I’ll be so embarrassed when the cover is revealed and everyone finds out who he is.

Okay, here are eight guilty pleasures instead of seven unless you count the country music section, where I really went overboard. Do I have to admit I have more? Okay, okay, late night snacking. Stouffer’s Mac and cheese. I’m done. (FYI: I do eat right most of the time.)

Thank you so much for visiting, but remember…  This is a Blog Hop. Please visit the other blogs. I’ll be checking your blogs throughout the week.


Image credits: Pixabay