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Hello and good morning, evening, or whatever time of day it is for you. LOL. Yesterday I gave a sneak peek of the cover for Lassoing the Last Dance, book #4 in the Double Dutch Ranch Series. Today I’m giving you an excerpt. I can’t call this one a short snippet, but I’m calling it Short Snippet Saturday anyway.  🙂 

western romance, contemporary romance, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

We’re in Roxanne’s POV. She’s about to do something she’s put off for over eight months–something that destroyed her relationship with Randy, and there is no guarantee they’ll get it back after telling him. Slightly modified to avoid spoilers.

Randy strolled to the doorway and extended his arm toward the living room. She sat on the end of the three cushioned, contemporary styled, burgundy colored sofa. The fireplace had a screen over the front. Above the mantel was a good-sized painting of Superstition Mountain, while three other walls showed smaller paintings of horses. One was a photograph of Randy’s stable during sunset. Another painting of the Grand Canyon sat nestled between two smaller sunset pictures. They were new since her last visit. He pulled an ottoman over to sit across from her and took her hands.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, series romance“You have the look of pain in your eyes. What’s going on, Rox? Did that asshole hurt you again? Finally tear you down?”

“Oh, God.” She released her hands and got up to pace, and stopped to get a better look of the picture over the mantel. The house was cool but her body felt overheated. In order to get out what she wanted to say, she took short, fast breaths until she was capable of speaking. “I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle what I have to tell you—”

He stood in a rush, his hands clenching into fists, and he was at her side in a flurry. “You’re back with him?” he asked dryly.

“For God’s sake, no! Nothing is the same, Randy.” Facing him, she searched his eyes. “Sweet Randy. You deserve more.” She grasped her head with both hands. Oh, how I missed you.

I deserve more? Then why are you even here? Why’d you come?” He didn’t wait for an answer and ambled to the kitchen.

Back on the couch, her gaze followed after him and she waited. He looked out the window from the kitchen sink. Damn, he looked hot from the back, the way his raven hair fell over his collar. His hands shifted to the top of his head and he spread his legs to a wider stance. He looked strong, like he could take on the world and win.

How could he know what to expect when she didn’t? At the sink, he twirled around and stood in the doorway. He gripped the woodwork on each side of him. Mr. Randy Drake looked so good from the front, too. Whoa, baby, his jeans sat low on his hips without a belt, and he wore black motorcycle boots to give him such a sexy persona. This was serious, and she shouldn’t be seeing sexy right now.

“You know I don’t play games. I don’t try to be something I’m not. Again, Roxanne. Why are you here? Here in my house—in Canyon Junction?”

“Why am I here in your house? Because you’re like a… Your magnetism pulled me here. But, I’m scared.”

“Let me be the judge. Tell me what the hell’s going on, and let me make my own decisions. I’m a man, not a little boy. What are you scared of?” He came into the living room where he took a seat and straddled the ottoman.

He was right. It wasn’t her decision to make, though she had herself convinced it was her decision to think for him. Her skin tingled as sweat formed on her arms, her face, while she built up the nerve to let it all out. First, she had to find a way to push that lump down her throat. Here goes. “I had an accident and nearly died. My reason for staying away is probably worse than you would even imagine.” She clasped his hot, calloused hands. “Randy…” I have to do this.

He squeezed her hands and remained quiet. His gaze never faulted from staring at her eyes, her lips.

End of Excerpt

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western romance, series romance

Oh, boy! That even gets my heart pounding because I know what’s coming. Thanks for reading.

The book will be out in April IF everything goes to plan. In yesterday’s post I mentioned why I don’t do preorders, which isn’t to say I never will do one. One day, I might.

I appreciate your visit. Thanks for stopping by today.

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