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Hello to you all. It’s the weekend!

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western romance, series romance

Oh, you want to know where I’ve been? I’ve been far away from my blog, that’s for sure, but when I have a book ready to come out, I’m totally consumed by the process. I’m doing the final read-through on my Kindle. It’s amazing what you hear when Kindle reads your manuscript to you. Anyway, I’m on the countdown now to my formatting date…ten, nine, eight…actually it’s only two more days. Lassoing the Last Dance is in the very final stages.


But today I bring you a not-so-short excerpt from Heartbreak’s Reward. I’m choosing to provide an excerpt from this book because the book is on sale and I’m one of the authors participating in The Kindle Book Review Spring Fling.

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Jase Carlson is the oldest brother at the Double Dutch Ranch. He’s a favorite hero, but Randy Drake from Lassoing the Last Dance is giving him a run for the money. Good thing they’re good friends.  🙂 Jase’s cousin Caulder from my Bull Rider Series makes his appearance in this book.

western romance, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

This excerpt comes from Chapter One. Jase and his brother Tristan left the courthouse after Jase was awarded soul custody of his two kids. Jase has a good reason for not trusting his ex-wife to return the kids to him on the following weekend.  Enjoy. (A bit of cursing is involved in the excerpt.)

western romance, contemporary romance, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Once they rolled into the neighborhood, Tristan checked the number on Jase’s phone. “It should be right up here, according to the GPS.” He checked each address as they passed. “There,” he said, pointing to the left.

“There’s no curtains on the windows, Trist.”

“Sonofabitch.” Tristan flung his seatbelt off and hit his palm against the dashboard.

“She doesn’t even live here?” Jase released the clutch and jumped out, ran up to the windows, and peered inside. “There’s nothing in here. Not a damn thing.”

Tristan followed him to the house, shaking his head. “She either moved before court, or lied to her lawyer again. You sure you got the right address?”

“I got the right address.” He went back to the truck for his phone. “I have to call Tom.” He paced in front of his truck, and said to Tristan, “She lied about everything, and has no intention of bringing the kids back.”

Jase left a message for his lawyer and hung up. A neighbor walked from across the street. “You all looking for somebody?”

“Yeah, the woman who lived here.” Jase sauntered up to the man and pointed back at the house. Either a nosy neighbor or someone who might be able to help.

“Ah, she’s gone. Packed up last weekend and moved out. Can’t say I was sorry to see them go.” The man pointed across the street to another house. “I stood right there and watched.”

“A woman with two kids?” asked Jase, his voice already quivering.

“That’s right.” The neighbor turned to go.

Tristan called after the man. “Wait. How many people lived here? I mean…did the woman have a man with her.”

“A couple guys. Well…” The man hesitated.

Jase took a step forward. “They’re my kids and that was my wife.”

The neighbor folded his arms and stared at the ground. “Well, she lived there with her husband…or so I thought. The other guy…well, he just lived there.”

“I was her husband,” said Jase, “until today. What about the kids? Two of them…a boy and a girl.” He held his palm flat to indicate their height.

“Nope, they all moved out. Cute kids, too. Well-behaved. Their dad—sorry. The guy watched them sometimes.”

Tristan asked the man, “You don’t happen to have any photos, do you? Maybe of the asshole pretending to be their dad?”

The man shook his head. “No, nothing like that.”

Jase weakened. Shook his head. Diverted his eyes. “Thanks, man.” He headed for the truck and got in the passenger side. He waited for his brother and handed him the keys. He slouched down in the seat and lowered his hat over his eyes.

Tristan backed out of the driveway in Tucson and headed back home toward Canyon Junction. Most of the trip was spent in silence until they stopped to eat. He turned to Tristan. “Some asshole I don’t know watched my kids. I’ll find them…and him. I swear I will. Not even God can help him if he hurts my babies.”

End of Excerpt. Thanks for reading.

Keep an eye out for Lassoing the Last Dance. It’ll be live and available soon.

Western Romance, Mary J McCoy-Dressel

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