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Week 16—Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Challenge Blog Hop #MFRWauthor


Topic: My Biggest Dream in Life

Folks, I am living my biggest dream in life, up to now. I call myself a full-time writer. Each day on the job for more than thirty years, I hoped, dreamed that one day I’d stay home and write full time. The lucky day finally came in 2011. Retirement! My dream came true, but little did I know one day I’d need my book royalties to survive.

At work, I’d scratch out a few of my words before they slipped from my mind forever, but this wasn’t enough. They needed to be chapters, not words. Fortunately, my vacation schedule allowed me to write all summer and holidays, but returning to work in September caused an ache inside. My dream seemed out of reach. I wanted my dream, even if it meant doing nothing more than entertaining myself.

The topic is for My Biggest Dream in Life, but I have other writing dreams not yet fulfilled— Why not write them here now?

  • To become a New York Times Best seller.
  • To make the USA Today Best Selling List.

You get the picture. It isn’t something I dwell on, but it’d be nice. The way the New York Times has changed their rules, this isn’t going to happen. Who is happy about this change? Not romance writers and certainly not Romance Writers of America®. Thank you RWA for sticking up for us.

In reality, having a ton of readers who love my books, is more important to me than hitting one of these lists.

At least I can call myself an International Amazon #1 Best Seller. THANK YOU readers for making it happen. The first time I saw the orange Best Seller sticker beneath my books, it took me over the rainbow. Can you imagine what would happen if I’d hit one of the bigger ones. Another dream come true? Sure it was.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Photo Credit: schurch at Morguefile.com

If I can go out on a limb here, another dream would be to see my stories made into movies.

Don’t laugh.

Are there any authors who don’t want this? I see these stories in my mind like a movie, but this doesn’t count. It’s still fun though, to watch my characters run around in my brain. I only wish they wouldn’t when my head hits the pillow. (Not really. Ideas come to me in bed.)

mary j mccoy-dressel, western romance

Photo Credit: krosseel at Morguefile

Since I don’t want to sound too selfish mentioning only my dream, I have dreams for both my boys and the rest of my family to be healthy and happy, and to be able to enjoy life to the fullest—to follow and find their dreams. And to have a world where they can live peacefully in their future. Of course, I have my own personal dreams outside of writing yet to come true.

It took me a lifetime before this dream came true. Don’t give up on your dreams.

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This is a blog hop. Please visit the other authors who are participating. I wonder how many have the same dream as my biggest dream in life. I bet when I read theirs, I will discover dreams I didn’t know I had.


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