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It’s been a hectic week but I still have to work. Here’s a little teaser for y’all. Roxanne  has strolled down to the barn with Trista Rose, a toddler and runs into Tristan, and eventually Randy. Do you remember Nora and Tristan from earlier in the series? Nora is Roxanne’s best friend. This excerpt is slightly modified from the original.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western romance, series romance

“How you doing, Tristan?” Roxanne smiled to think of Nora with this handsome, good-natured cowboy, and she couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Pretty good,” said Tristan. “Nora said you might want to ride. How about taking Betsy? You’ve ridden her before. She’s good to go.”

“Sweet!” Roxanne had an attachment for this horse from the earlier times she had visited and rode with Nora. “I’d love to ride her.” Roxanne put her hand on his arm. “I appreciate you and Nora so much. Thank you.”

“I’ll saddle her for you—”

“No, I need to do it myself. If I’m going to start living… Well, you know what I mean. It’s something I have to do, Tristan.”

“All righty, if you’re sure. Remember, the mounting block is right outside the barn if you need it.” Tristan wiggled his daughter’s hand. “Tell Roxanne you’ll see her later.”

“Bye!” She waved like a little child actress.

“I love you, Trista Rose. See you later. Tristan, tell Nora you have her now?” Tristan nodded. “I’ll text her.” She entered Betsy’s stall. “How you doing, girl? Ready for some fun? I’ll be right back.”

Mary j McCoy-Dressel, western romance, lassoing the last danceInside the tack room, she eyed the saddles, bridles, and blankets. Hmm, maybe she should’ve let Tristan put it on for her. Setting that old sissy idea aside, she gathered the blanket and placed it on the post near Betsy. “Hold on.” Running her hand over her long, black mane, she left for the tack room again. While reaching for a saddle, hands clenched her shoulders, and slid down her arms to entwine their fingers. She was bathed in heat as the weight of his strong body pressed against her. “Mmm…”

“Let me do it for you this time, darlin’.”

His hot body remained against her and his lips went to her neck. For sure, she wouldn’t mind having him right here in the tack room, if there were a guarantee Tristan’s ranch hands wouldn’t walk in. Her heart went thumpity, thump, and if she had doubted sweating earlier, now it was obvious. She leaned her head against him and squeezed his hands. The fact he cozied up like this excited her. “Hi, Randy. I saw you busy out there.”

The scent of him wafted through her nostrils, and whatever it was in his makeup, it sucked the sense out of her. Her heart almost matched the cadence of his beating against her back. She turned in his arms and their lips immediately connected in a sensuous rage. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave the kiss everything it deserved. Roxanne wanted more when it came to an end. She peered up into lustful eyes. “What a nice surprise.”

“Yeah, imagine that.” Randy glanced around the tack room, then rested his gaze on the opened door. “How bad do you want to ride?”

“Oh, very, very badly, cowboy. You have no idea.”

“I’m talking about Betsy. What are you talking about?”

End of Excerpt

Whew! I feel the same way about Randy…

This might be the longest excerpt I’ve ever posted. If you got through the whole thing, thanks for reading. It could’ve been longer, but I deleted some at the beginning. Twice.

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