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Short Snippet from my new Release!

Well, hello I haven’t done Book Hooks for a long time.

Join me and the other authors at Marketing For Romance Writers Blog who would like to hook you on their book with only a few lines… Since I have a brand NEW RELEASE, I’m posting more than a few lines from:



Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight #4

Lassoing the Last Dance


She’s too proud to ask him to change his life for her. He’s too stubborn to let her give up.


Set Up: Roxanne recently returned to Canyon Junction. She and her best friend, Nora, are having a discussion before getting out of Nora’s truck. Nora is planning a get-together. Modified from the original.

“While you’re at it, drop the hint we don’t want Randy there.”

“No, Roxy, you’re the one who doesn’t want Randy there. We all like him. He’s a nice guy. How soon you forget how you lost your mind the day you met him.”

It was true, and she’d lose her senses upon seeing him again if she allowed it. His longer ebony hair, those damn eyes. Roxanne chuckled to herself. Upon meeting him, she had visualized his eyes as blue, but they couldn’t be further from blue. How did she make such a mistake—missing those sexy brown, long-lashed orbs? She had been blinded to his handsome face, that’s how. “I admit he’s a nice guy. I never said he wasn’t. You aren’t making it any easier.”

“I don’t intend to, either. I saw the way you two were with each other, and how content you looked around him.”

“The past.” Roxanne held Nora’s sleeve, and her eyes misted. “I mean it. The past. Nothing is the same. Please let it go. I’m destined to be alone now.”


Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western romance, series romance


Savvy horse trainer Randy Drake never loved a woman like he loved Roxanne, but after more than a year of a long-distance relationship, she cut off communication without explanation and broke his heart. Now she’s moved back to Canyon Junction without telling him, proof she’s not interested. But his stubborn heart can’t seem to let go.

Professional dancer Roxanne Connor has a good reason for not letting Randy know she’s back. An accident nearly destroyed her, and she’s not the same person Randy knew. Avoiding him, she chooses to live in a self-appointed exile, if she can ignore the craving for his touch and the memory of his kisses.

But secrets in a small town are never truly safe. When Randy learns the reason Roxanne cold-shouldered him, he’s willing to give their love another try, but someone else is determined to keep them apart. Will their rekindled love be strong enough to withstand the obstacles mounting against them, or will the embers that glowed in their past grow cold under the pressure?

UNIVERSAL Buy Link: books2read.com/u/4N1BlY

First Amazon Customer Review:

5.0 out of 5 starsLoved it!!

on May 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Love this book and all the ones before it!!! Can’t wait for more from you Mary!!!

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