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MFRWauthor Week 18, 52-Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop

I didn’t post anything last week for the blog challenge. The topic was Five Top Places I’d Like to Visit. My New Release, Lassoing the Last Dance came out last week. I had posted three posts in a row, and I didn’t want my followers to become bored with too many posts at once. I’m a blogger who doesn’t post as often as I should, so why put readers in shock.  🙂 But I’m here today!


Topic for Week 18: What makes me laugh out loud? 


Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

When I’m together and laughing with my family, it’s the best time I could ask for. Watching others laugh gets me to laughing. My boys make me laugh out loud quite often, even in an email at times.

Another thing that comes to mind is a child’s laughter. When one kid starts, it’s like a wave and it flows throughout the classroom. I don’t mean their casual laughter, which they do a lot anyway. It’s when they think something is truly funny, and the laugh comes from deep inside of them.  

Here’s a cool example on You Tube where I found myself laughing out loud at these kids playing with Google Home.  Don’t worry, they don’t count all the way to 100 in the video. You’ll see what I mean if you watch.  Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Google Home or with anyone in the video.

 Some other things to make me laugh out loud:

  • The Blue Man Group. If you get a chance to see them, please do.
  • I have a couple male friends who always make me laugh out loud. They’re good to have around when I feel down. Sometimes my little brother does too.
  • Jokes and sometimes Dirty jokes, depending on who is telling it and the kind of dirty.
  • TV. Not the goofy comedy shows with titles I won’t mention here.
  • Some lines in books make me laugh. Even my own lines if I get caught up in a scene while writing or revising. Don’t judge!  😉
  • Animals. A dog chasing his/her tail. Penquins. My friend’s cat, Snickers.

I’m sure there are more things to make me laugh out loud, but this sounds good for now. How about you? What makes y’all laugh? Let us know.

Once again, this is a Blog Hop. Please visit the other participants.