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Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Roxanne Conner is the heroine in Lassoing the Last Dance. She lives up to the name of heroine, but she’s a real hero. She is sometimes called Rox or Roxy.

Roxanne came to life in Cowboy Boss and his Destiny, when she appeared in phone conversations with Nora Trinity. Roxanne is Nora’s best friend. She lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She made her first physical appearance in Tristan’s Destiny #1.5 when she came to visit. This is when she met Randy Drake, the savvy horse trainer who works on the Double Dutch Ranch and other surrounding ranches.

She shared a long-distance relationship with Randy for well over a year. Was it love at first sight? She can’t allow herself to think of such things these days. Her heart is broken.

Roxanne stopped communicating with Randy and swore her friends to secrecy about the circumstances that ended her career.

Our girl grew up in Canyon Junction. Her father lives close to her now, as does her cousin, Brett Connor, who is more like a brother to her. Her mom is deceased.

She and Nora have been friends since they were young girls. Roxanne moved back home. In fact, she bought Nora’s childhood home. Now she worries about facing Randy and will avoid him for as long as she can. (Don’t worry, he’s stubborn and doesn’t give up easily.)

She’s a professional dancer by trade and loved dancing the Samba. She preformed in musicals, but also loved a country two-step or line dance. I’m surprised Randy didn’t deck his best friend, Zach Bryson, when he misunderstood the term professional “dancer.” Randy watched her do this dance with a restaurant patron one night. I think he’s still drooling. However, she didn’t dance as close to her partner as this lady does in the video. But, will she ever dance again?

Roxanne is divorced from Nate Evers, an abuser with a jealous bone. Moving doesn’t mean she’s escaped.

Roxanne owns a Self-Storage business back in Broken Arrow, which gives her a steady income between shows.

She loves children and Nora’s kids call her Aunt Roxanne or Aunt Woxy. She cares for them like they are her own.

Roxanne struggles every day to find her way. All she asks for really is a happy, safe,Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western romance, series romance and contented life. If Randy could be a part of it, her life would be complete, but…she isn’t the same woman Randy knew… She’s broken.

In her own words:

Weakness crept over her now, and she sobbed as she pressed her cheek against his strong and willing chest harboring a gentle heart. “That’s why…why I couldn’t, why I didn’t return your messages. I was broken, Randy—broken in all manner of living. No way could I have asked you to accept this, this change when I didn’t know if I could.”

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, series romance

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Next up will probably be Tressa Garnett/Kimber Sinclair from Finding Kimber, book two in Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series, coming late 2017/ early 2018. I’m sure hoping Zachary (Zach) Bryson, the ruggedly handsome hero in this book can help this sexy redhead find the real woman who lurks inside Kimber Sinclair. (Yes, Zach Bryson is Randy’s best friend, and wow, he is hot! He’s introduced in Lassoing.)