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Ciao! This is week 24 in the #MFRWauthor 52 Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop. Welcome to another week.

This week’s topic is: If I Could Eat One Last Meal

Wow, this is a scary topic. I’m not sure I like it, either. For one thing, I don’t have what I’d call a “favorite meal,” so I’ll color outside of the lines a little this week.

If I have a choice of eating my last meal, it might mean I’m on death row or on my death bed. How depressing. Am I looking at this all wrong? On the flip side, maybe it means nothing more than I’d wake up one day and decide to eat my favorite meal because I could, but I’d pretend it was my last meal, so I’d choose something I’d like to eat. Hmm.

If I’m going to eat one last meal, I’m doing it up right. For this last meal, I picture myself in Italy. I love Italian food, so my last meal would begin with the real thing.

First Stop:
First stop would be a winery in Tuscany to sample a glass of Chianti Classico. At this winery, we’d share the food you see in this video. Of course, they’d gift me a bottle to accompany me on my journey. “Mmm, delizioso, I say,” licking my lips. “Grazie.” How kind, right?

Next stop:

I want an authentic Italian meal with an Italian family (who speaks a little English). I’m reminded of the movie Eat Pray Love or Under the Tuscan Sun. I don’t care if it’s risotto, spaghetti and meatballs, or a creamy pasta dish, and of course, bread. Or whatever the family comes up with for a full meal. As long as I have good company to help me enjoy the meal and the view with a glass of Prosecco before dinner and red or white wine with dinner, I’ll leave fat and sassy. But not before dessert.  🙂

Better yet, since I’m in my own dream here, I’d love to have dinner with, Velia Armano, my heroine in the Bull Rider Series, and her family. In three books, I’ve written enough family meals with the Armano/ McCutchen family, that I feel like I know them, and we’d all be comfortable with one another. We’d have fun together. Her Mamma Lidia can cook for me any time, but for fun we’ll invite my hero, Caulder, and his family, too. If I’m eating my last meal, I want some eye candy sitting across from me. Dolly McCutchen will of course bring her own delicious fare to the meal. Nothing is too good for her son, the professional bull rider. I know, I know. Mix a bull rider with a classy Italian? Yep! La vita è bella!

western romance, mary j mccoy-dressel

Oh, that was so much fun. Now, to jump back into reality. If I could, or had to eat my last meal, I’d probably eat a roast beef dinner with carrots and potatoes all roasted together. Then we’d have apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. With it would come memories of my growing up years with my grandma, parents, aunts and uncles, and brothers. I’d also have memories of Sunday dinners with my ex-husband and boys—my own family. In the end, the food would be a meal that left me with lasting memories with people I love.

I hope I didn’t blow this topic all to hell. This is a Blog Hop. Let’s see what the other participants chose for their “last meal.”

Thanks for reading.

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