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western romance, contemporary romance, Mary J McCoy-DresselNope, this isn’t Saturday, but it’s a snippet. Read down far enough you’ll find it after a bit of whining. I’ve attempted to write a post all week, but I’ve been living in pain since last Friday, and each day seems worse than the one before. Due to my own stupidity, I injured my back and hip by doing something, well, stupid. The worse part is I knew better than to lift the two extremely heavy blue shopping bags at the same time. I knew better than to try to move a huge, filled ceramic planter on my patio. I rolled, not lifted it, but the bending over position while moving it did me in, I guess.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romanceIt feels like it did when I ruptured two disks in my back and suffered from Sciatica some years ago and missed six months of work. It wasn’t until I had a steroid shot in my back, that I found relief and life began again. At this point, I can’t stand and/or walk for even five minutes without pain, and I have to sit down, which means I can’t walk into my doctor’s office, which is a long walk from the parking lot.

I’ve tried ice and heat. Aleve and Tylenol. I don’t know what to do at this point other than moan and complain to avoid crying and cursing. My doggie is suffering from pain in her hips, legs, and now it seems, a foot. Sometimes she can’t get up. Now, I can relate to what she must go through 24/7. And tomorrow, the 29th, is my birthday. It’s okay, I stopped counting them a while ago. Unfortunately, friends and family haven’t. It’s better than the alternative, and I appreciate their thoughts and wishes.

UPDATE: What’s happening with Finding Kimber, #2 in Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series? Remember the challenge I had with this book? I changed the genre when it was about 3/4 finished? Well, I also had to change part of the plot because I drove myself crazy while trying to work with something that wouldn’t have worked. Once I changed it, I sailed to the end. It’s been through three revisions with thousands of words cut, and now I’m trying to let letting it sit for a while. I hate to plan too far in advance these days, but it looks like this book is on track for a 2017 release. Lord willing…

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romanceToday I decided to post a snippet from Lassoing the Last Dance. I’m proud of this fourth book in the series–my newest release.

Set Up: This evening, Roxanne is headed to the Double Dutch Ranch to help her best friend Nora set up for an important dinner the next day. She’s feeling on-top-of-the-world, if you’ll excuse the cliché. But…

Modified to avoid spoilers. Enjoy…

He rammed her again. She gripped the steering wheel even tighter. Fear she had lived with until last month returned to the forefront. Enough of this. She stomped on the gas pedal and took the speed up to sixty, and she wasn’t comfortable driving like this on rutted Rocky Road.

Another glance into her mirror as she increased her speed, showed the car continuing close behind. She peered back at the road in front of her with barely enough time to avoid hitting a dog, or some animal of the night. Roxanne swerved and ran off the road. She hit the brakes and her front tires settled into a dip. She took a deep breath then lifted her eyes to the rear view mirror.

Was this going to be where she died?

She slammed one palm against the wheel and pressed on the accelerator. Nothing. Roxanne searched for her phone. The car behind stopped. A man got out and raised a rifle to his shoulder and just stood there. Without a doubt—her nightmare began all over again. No. No. This can’t be happening. A cold fear swept over her. This only happens in freaking movies! She dialed Randy.

Glass shattered as he busted the window with the butt of the rifle. Glass covered her. Her cheek stung. “Get your ass out of there, Roxanne.”

No way! Fear choked her. Leaning forward to block his view, she attempted to stick her phone into her pocket, but he yanked her out. She wiped at the blood on her face. “What is going on? I t-thought you didn’t have anything to do with w-what h-happened to m-me.”

He slammed the door then shoved her against it and held her there with his hand against her throat. God, help me! Please. Not this again. As quickly as he held her, he released her. How far would she get if she ran? “Leave me alone, you jackass. What’s this about?”

He leaned the rifle against his shoulder. His knee pressed into her thigh. “I’m not done. You’re still breathing.”

“What? You were involved after all.” She damned herself for letting her guard down. Any minute her stomach would heave. Where could she go? Her thoughts of escaping were out of control. She didn’t know if the call to Randy went through.

“I had nothing to do with what happened to you. I sat back and let the other ordeal play out. How lucky can one man get to have someone else take the blame?” A low and demonic snicker snarled from his throat.

If she had learned anything about survival, this time she wasn’t going down without a fight. She had the flat heeled shoe today. “You’ll have to shoot me in the back,” she said, as she kneed him with all her might and took off running.

End of Excerpt. Thanks for reading.

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Savvy horse trainer Randy Drake never loved a woman like he loved Roxanne, but after more than a year of a long-distance relationship, she cut off communication without explanation and broke his heart. Now she’s moved back to Canyon Junction without telling him, proof she’s not interested. But his stubborn heart can’t seem to let go.

Professional dancer Roxanne Connor has a good reason for not letting Randy know she’s back. An accident nearly destroyed her, and she’s not the same person Randy knew. Avoiding him, she chooses to live in a self-appointed exile, if she can ignore the craving for his touch and the memory of his kisses.

But secrets in a small town are never truly safe. When Randy learns the reason Roxanne cold-shouldered him, he’s willing to give their love another try, but someone else is determined to keep them apart. Will their rekindled love be strong enough to withstand the obstacles mounting against them, or will the embers that glowed in their past grow cold under the pressure?

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