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National Day of the Cowboy


One thing after another keeps happening in my life, and I’ve been under so much stress lately, so today I am doing something for FUN. Today, Saturday July 22, 2017, is National Day of the Cowboy. You know I’m jumping on this!


I’m learned a few things since I began writing contemporary western romance. This is my take on the cowboy. Remember, MY take may not be the same as yours. Maybe I’m dealing with fiction today, but a whole lot isn’t. Let me have some fun with this.  All of the images used today are from Pixabay except for Jimmy Thomas, which comes from Romance Novel Covers. Tristan comes from Dreamstime. I created the graphics.

Why I create cowboy heroes:


I reckon this post kind of caters to the ladies today. I couldn’t create something I didn’t love myself. It doesn’t matter if they’re single, married, head-over-heels in love, daddy’s, or whatever… I think they’re the sexiest men alive. That’s my opinion. I know everyone doesn’t think so. Let me have fun on this day.

We’ll start with the basics from the ground up:

Let’s put some boots on our guy’s feet. The cowboy boot fits nicely into the stirrup. They’re sturdy for whatever jobs he has to take care of during the day or night. He has more than one pair of boots. Sometimes you’ll find his boots to be dusty and worn—his favorites, but sometimes they’ll be shiny and new. He’ll spill coffee on them, step in horse or cattle manure, or do a two-step on the dance floor. Hey, cowgirls… Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. That’s why they make soap and hand sanitizer. He’s your guy. When he’s dog-tired after a long day of hard work, feel free to pull them off for him. He’ll thank ya for it. *Wink* Remember to thank him for it, when he does the same for you. He will on occasion.

Tight jeans. Loose-fittin’ jeans. Dirty, ripped, or dress jeans… Oh, come on. Need I say more? Add a pair of chaps and my eyes will bug out.

Speaking for myself, I like an oval belt buckle holding those jeans against a firm waist. I’m torn here, for with no belt, the jeans ride lower on the waist. When he stretches to put a saddle on a horse, or bends over with a hoof pick, you might be lucky enough to get a peek at that toned abdomen and sexy back you can’t wait to run your nails over.

Oh, we can’t forget his t-shirt with the sleeves tight against bulging biceps. He’s dedicated to hard work, so of course he has bulging biceps. After giving a horse a bath, expect a little water on the shirt. Should I explain the wet t-shirt? Flannel shirts with the sleeves turned up a couple rolls and open in the front isn’t so bad either. But, wow, when your cowboy wears a dress shirt and clean jeans, hold him tight when you go out. Be prepared for a lot of ogling. Don’t be surprised if he casually looks back, but don’t worry, he’s true to you. However, he might deck another cowboy for getting a little too touchy-feely with you.

A hint of stubble on the face or clean-shaven works for me. How about you? Chances are, you’ll find a little more than a hint of stubble after a couple long, tired days. You might have to get used to a little whisker-burn now and then. Go without shaving your legs for a couple days. He’ll get the picture.  😉

Oh, ladies, when our cowboy sets his jaw in confidence or stubbornness, you know he means business. But so do we, so it evens out. His attitude or mood isn’t always going to be congenial. He has bad days too, and sometimes he can be downright miserable to be around.

This man’s smile? Mmm, how about quirked lips when he questions something you said? I can tell you, my knees buckle when he shoots that dangerous grin my way. Oooh, what about his to-die-for wanton smile? You know the one where it shows in his eyes, too? The one he gives when you wonder what he’s up to next? But, goodness, when his face lights up with that special look, it TELLS you what he’s up to next. When he smiles at you in this way, you know your feet won’t be on the floor much longer. Am I right? Sigh. Who moved my fan? (I’ll use one of my own cowboys for an example–Caulder McCutchen, my bull rider.)

Our cowboy’s eyes kind of work this way, too, because he knows how to work them to portray a mood.


It doesn’t matter if those sexy kissable lips are full, soft, chapped, or sunkissed sweet. When it comes to kissing them, you know they’ll be a perfect match for yours.


Mmm, his hair. Hair and eyes are the first things I notice. For myself, his hair comes in different shades of sable from dark to light brown or a dusty blond. He wears his hair on the longer side. Who has time for a haircut? He’s too busy tending to a ranch, or herding cattle across a wide divide, or trying to stay on a bull or bronc for eight seconds. Depending on his mood, he’s comfortable wearing his hair neatly combed when the occasion arises, or wind-blown messy when he’s busy. Whichever way he chooses to wear it, it’ll end up being hat-hair by the end of the day.



Either neat and tidy or wild and free, if a shock of hair falls over his forehead, I can’t think of a more perfect excuse to get closer than to move in and brush it back. He’ll appreciate it too, if we leave our palm to rest on the side of his face. Whew!

Last but not least, let’s not forget the Stetson in off-white or black, depending on the occasion. Straw works for those hot days. Look above at Caulder. If you’re wearing a hat too, make sure you get the right tilt to your head in order to kiss him. Enjoy.


Since it is our cowboy’s special day, we’ll continue. Let’s give him a dog and a horse or two, preferably more. After his dog and horses, we’re giving this cowboy a cowgirl, or whoever he chooses to love.


When evening comes, if he’s in by then of course, he’ll be contented to settle in beside you wearing a subtle fragrance whether it’s aftershave or your favorite cologne. Cowboys are sexy, hard working men, and they aren’t always going to be smelling like they walked out of a shower. Don’t let that deter you, but a little hint won’t hurt. An offer to accompany him in the shower isn’t a bad idea. ❤ ❤ ❤

More than likely, he’ll like his favorite carryout or a meat and potato meal at the end of the day. Sometimes he’ll surprise us, and prepare a delicious meal. He’ll enjoy a shot of whiskey, brandy, or scotch, and maybe sometimes a glass of wine or a longneck. At the end of the day with our cowboy, we know, besides his family, we’re the one he holds in his heart…along with his dog and horses. Finally, when you get up Sunday morning, chances are after breakfast, y’all be going to church.


REMEMBER, this is MY take on the cowboy, and this was written for fun.

Celebrate National Day of the Cowboy the 4th Saturday of July.

Remember what they say… Save a horse, ride a… *Smile*


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