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#MFRWauthor Week 30 Topic: Paperback, Ebook, or Audio?



Here we are again. From Marketing for Romance Writers Blog: “Each week, authors use our writing prompt to create a meaningful blog post. We’ll be posting every Friday… join us as often as possible.”

As you can see, this week for the 52 Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop, we’re talking about what format we prefer for reading.

This is easy for me. These days I read eBooks. I have moderate macular degeneration, which scares me to death. The reason I prefer to read eBooks is simple. My eyesight prevents me from reading most print books today. I could read large print, but I’m in a habit of reading on my Kindle Fire or iBooks on my iPad. I love using my Kindle App on my iPad because the device is larger, but I mostly read on my Kindle Fire because it can also read to me. Plus, you can change the size of the font. To be honest, I’ve never used an audio book.

Due to a dry eye condition, I need to rest my eyes after hours of writing. I can still listen to the stories I love. I own print books, and when I see them in stores, I have this yearning to buy them, but I know I’ll never be able to read them. Sometimes I buy them anyway because, well, it’s a book!

All my photography, first writing books, cookbooks, and favorite novels from the past are in print. They sit on my bookshelf staring at me as I write. These books can all be found online now, but I’ll never get rid of these favorites.

How about you? What is your format choice for reading?

Remember this is a Marketing For Romance Writers BLOG HOP, so hop on over to see what the other authors have to say. You don’t have to be a romance  ❤  reader/writer to enjoy these posts.  🙂

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