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Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop


Week 34 Open Doors or Closed Doors?

This topic has a couple meanings to me. First, I think of doors that have been opened in my life to let in good things. Bad things sneak in open doors, too. It’s the same with closed doors. Good or bad things get trapped, and you have to wait for the door to open again. Do you take advantage of the open door and all the possibilities? I have. I’ve also had doors slammed, and they stayed closed for years.

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Since I write sensual romance, I see open and closed doors as meaning something else. LOVE scenes in a book. Are the scenes open for the reader to see what is going on, or does the couple (author) close the door to the world?

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, sexy couple,

Since Marketing for ROMANCE writers came up with this topic, I’m going with what it means as this romance writer. I’m curious to see what the other authors have come up with for this topic.

My doors are open. (Not in real life.) Sometimes the figurative doors are open in a pickup, barn, tent, HOT TUB, but yes, open. Do you think writing open door love scenes is easy? If you can’t picture it in your head, then you’ll probably have a difficult time writing them. With my tenth sensual romance coming out soon, I’ve become accustomed to leaving the door open and, yes, I see it as a movie going on in my head. I’m there. I hear the music, see the sway of candlelight and shadows on the walls, the warmth of the sheets and heated bodies. I’m not embarrassed to visualize this anymore.

In my writing, I prefer to have “open door” love scenes, though some of them do happen off the page–closed doors. I like writing and sharing what my couple feels sensually. I don’t use descriptive body part words because I like my scenes to be more sensual. I’m not saying writing description body part words isn’t sensual, because I read erotic romance and it CAN BE sensual, sexy, and crazy hot, but I choose for my couples not to use them. I have written two erotic romance novels, but they won’t see the light of day because it would go against my branding now.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

However, I’ve considered writing without open door scenes and maybe one day I will begin a new series where the doors close at the last minute. This decision is yet to be determined. I have a feeling it would be difficult to write a total closed door scene since sensuality will have to happen before the fact. Well, heck, what am I saying? Sensuality HAS to come before the fact in open door scenes too.  ❤

How about you, authors? How did you interpret today’s topic? Am I wrong by choosing to discuss open/ closed door sex scenes?

Readers? What do you prefer?

Remember, this is a Blog Hop. Please visit the other blog hopping authors at Marketing for Romance Writers.

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Enjoy your weekend.

I’m sorry if these images offended anyone, but I chose them to fit my topic today.

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