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Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge Blog Hop. #MFRWauthor

Week 35.

WOW. Thirty-five weeks have gone by this year? Unbelievable. What have I done with the past thirty-five weeks? Well, for one thing, I’d have to say I’ve been writing about two sexy cowboys. One book went to the editor yesterday while I continue writing the next in the series. Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing here on my blog. I hope you’ll forgive me for being so absent. It’s important for me to do as many posts as I can for #MFRWauthor. Moving on…

Today’s topic is: My Bad Habits.

Do I want to tell the world my bad habits? I guess I’m about to. I might keep a few hidden to remain mysterious.

Mary J McCoy-DresselLet’s start with one: I know I drive my youngest son crazy by doing this, but when he comes over, which isn’t often enough to suit me, I run my mouth like I haven’t talked to anyone in months. I tell him things I’ve already told him. It’s obvious this frustrates him. I didn’t realize this until a few visits ago when I mentioned how frustrated I was at the neighbor’s dog yelping and whining incessantly, and that I hope this person moves. I’ve been mentioning this for eleven months now. M’Bad! My son sits up and says, “I can’t wait for her to move, either!” Oops, Mom’s bad habit of repeating things came out again. I apologized and I haven’t done it since. No wonder he’s moving out of the state.

Bad habit number two: Biting my nails. I do this mostly while stressed. I catch myself doing this while watching bull riding of all things. Huh? I love bull riding, and I get so excited watching it. I stopped biting my nails for a long time, but before I knew it, the bad habit began again.

Here’s number three: I eat too late. It seems from the time I finish dinner, I want to snack the rest of the night. Ugh. Sometimes I snack on Reduced-fat sour cream Pringles or popcorn. I passed up buying Pringles® at my last shopping trip, and I haven’t purchased popcorn in ages, so I’m getting better, but I still look for something before reminding myself I don’t want to SNACK late.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel

Number four: Well, darn, I sit far too long at a time. Since physical therapy began, I’m more aware of how much I sit without getting up. I’m getting better at it now that I am in an exercise routine for my back. I graduated from physical therapy yesterday. My back and sciatica are better but not cured yet. Being pain-free is a good incentive. This is where I’m stopping. You all don’t need to know every bad habit.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

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Thank you kindly.

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