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Welcome to the first day of Fall. Today autumn officially arrives at 4:02 p.m. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. From The Farmer’s Almanac:

The word equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night).


Week 38. The best parts of each season.


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I wrote a post for last week, but I didn’t get it posted on time. Last week the topic was Five Ways To Win My Heart. I hope you don’t mind me jotting the five ways to win my heart at the bottom of this post. Skip reading the delayed snippet if you choose. I won’t know.  🙂

Now on to this week’s topic: The best parts of…


Rebirth. Butterflies. No snow. Everything outside is fresh and new. The grass is turning a pretty Kelly green. Hyacinths and crocuses bloom. Buds appear on trees. The air smells so fresh after a spring rain.






Longer days. Vacation. The Beach. Blue skies and fluffy clouds. Roses. Fresh vegetables and fruit. Fireworks. No snow. Camping. People camp in anything from tents to 5th wheels or motor homes. My family has camped in ground tents, pop-up tents, a pickup camper (Remember those?), and a 5th wheel. Sitting around a campfire at night is romantic and fun for those who enjoy it.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western RomanceSummer vacation doesn’t mean to me what it used to when I worked, but I love this season. Then, summer couldn’t come soon enough. School dragged until the last day. At my last job in middle school, all the teachers stood outside at the bus stop and waved good-bye to the students. The students got a big kick out of it. Lordy, were we happy! So were the kids.




Beauty. Cider Mills. Candy and caramel apples. Cooler temps. Longer walks. Less lawn cutting. Photography. The crunch of leaves. A coating of leaves as they pile up everywhere. Who doesn’t enjoy a drive during the autumn when trees put on their stunning autumn coats only to lose them too quickly? This is my favorite time of year.








Holidays—Thanksgiving. Christmas, New Year’s Eve. Decorations. Christmas lights. Turkey. Cozy fire. Snowmen. Snuggling into a warm bed. The first snowfall. After the first snowfall, it can melt and not come back until Christmas Eve. Then it can melt again. Do you like sitting in front of a fireplace? I can’t imagine what the holidays will be like this year with both my kids living far away. My son is moving today.  😦


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Thanks for reading! Enjoy autumn.

Here’s where I’m sneaking in a quick rundown of Five Ways to Win my Heart from last week’s topic.

1. Show respect and accept me for who I am. I’ll do the same for you.

2. Make me laugh.

3. Flirting with other women when I’m with you, especially with a woman who is with another man, won’t earn you brownie points.

4. How you introduce me to your friends and acquaintances says a lot. Do you introduce me as a friend, when we both know I’m so much more? Are you ashamed to admit I’m your girlfriend, fiancée, wife? Freaking introduce me properly, please. At least use my name if you can’t think of anything else.

5. Remember my birthday and our anniversary. Flowers, candy, or gifts aren’t necessary. Yes, they are nice to receive. BUT, if you took the time to pick out a card and tell me happy birthday / anniversary, you’ve won my heart, sweetie.

Photo credits: Coat/cowboy hat © Aldegonde Le Compte | Dreamstime.com. Christmas Boots  © Olivier Le Queinec | Dreamstime.com. Butterfly Pixabay.