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Indie Author Fringe 2017

Note from Mary: I thought some of you might be interested. I’m spreading this information. I’ve attended this conference before. Are you an Indie Author? There is so much information here from some of the top experts in the field, including Mark Dawson and Orna Ross. It’s all free and there are giveaways. Visit online for more details. The conference is all online. Check out the Hashtag #IndieAuthorFringe to see what’s happening on TWITTER.

How To Attend the FREE Indie Author Fringe Online Conference

The Alli Website says:

“The virtual doors of our third Indie Author Fringe event open at 10am Frankfurt/9am London,  Saturday October 14th. Here’s how to attend and get the most out of our FREE Online Author Conference, and how to join in conversations with Sponsors and Speakers on the day.

How long is the Frankfurt Indie Author Fringe event?
Each Indie Author Fringe event is 24 hours long.

We’ll release a new Speaker Session at least once an hour, and will continue doing that for 24 hours.

How do I attend Indie Author Fringe?
Visit us here on this blog during our Indie Author Fringe event.

Each Speaker Session is a new blog post, and you can check in throughout the day to see the published sessions. The great thing about an online conference is that the content will be sessions will continue to be available on our blog after the event.
Speaker Sessions are a mix of articles, podcasts and videos.
And don’t forget … it’s FREE TO ATTEND, thanks to the support of our sponsors.” FIND MORE HERE.

Register: Indie Author Fringe