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Welcome to another week at my blog. The Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop is winding down. This week’s topic wasn’t easy for me. What else is new, right? Haha, I’ve said this before.

It didn’t come easy because I couldn’t choose which day I wanted to post about. I had drafted three unforgettable day posts. The one I’m posting today isn’t one of the three. Wednesday night this one came to me, but I don’t know what triggered the memory. Why wouldn’t it come to me that night? This lady remained awake until at least 4:00 a.m. I think half the memories throughout my whole life came to me.. Read on…

First, some good news (for me). I published one book this week. A coloring book. Now, there is one down and one to go. Finding Kimber is on track for release before Black Friday. 

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance,


Week 45: An Unforgettable Day In My Life

I looked fifteen, but imagine me at seventeen–short, thin, blonde (with big blue eyes, or so I’ve been told), and stuck at a mall all alone after dark. You see, my so-called “friend” didn’t come to pick me up after my driver education class. Yeah, I took the class in a conference room at the mall. Westland Mall. Cell phones were a thing of the future.

The class ran late and I missed the bus home. The only buses left were going in a different direction and city. I wandered around in the mall foyer where the phones sat. Eventually, the mall cleared. I no longer felt safe there. I made calls trying to wrangle a ride home with no luck. I ventured back outside and waited with hopes the jerk friend would arrive.

A group of older guys waited for one of the other buses, but they spotted me alone. When I say group, I mean about seven or eight guys, maybe more. I was young but not stupid. They laughed, teasing each other, and they kept peering in my direction. Even the bus driver!

Red Flag.

In my desperation, I went back inside to call home. This wasn’t one of my best choices because my dad wouldn’t get out of bed to come get me. Once he arrived home from work, he didn’t leave. I begged my mom to ask him. His answer? NO. No surprise.

A few of the guys from outside had followed me inside while I made the phone call. They followed me back outside. I paced while waiting. By then, needless to say, fear overtook me. What could I do? Home was about seven miles away. I had walked it before. Would I have to again? I kept glancing at the woods across the road.

Traffic in the parking lot dwindled. If only the buses would load up and leave. The guys moved closer to where I waited. Oh, crap! They tried to talk to me. I walked away from them.

As these guys got closer to me, laughing, making jabs at each other, and at me, a young guy and girl came up to me, saying loudly, “Oh, there you are. We’ve been looking all over for you. Come on.” The girl gently held my arm.

I took stock of the situation. The group of guys or two strangers? Guess which choice I made? What choice would you have made?

The guy turned to give the group a warning glare. The three of us walked away. They told me they didn’t like the looks of what went on, and wanted to get me out of there. They offered me a ride home, and something  told me it was okay. (Intuition.)

Would I have taken a ride from strangers on a normal night? Hell no, though I had hitchhiked before but never alone. Never at night. After getting in the car with them, fear and a whole new scenario played out in my mind, but they drove me straight home. I directed, but it was like they knew where to go.

They pulled up in front of my house, smiled, and said, “Here you are.” How could I thank these two gentle strangers? Well, I did graciously thank them for saving me. I shudder to think of what could’ve happened that night. To this day, I believe they were my Guardian Angels. The friend? Hah, yeah, what friend? Jerk.

I don’t condone hitchhiking. Times have changed since then. I also don’t recommend taking rides with strangers. For me, it turned out to be the right decision. Again, times have changed. Another thing? It pays to listen to our intuition. I believe it’s a gift.

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