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Here we go. Marketing for Romance Writers 52-Week Blog Challenge Blog Hop. Are  you onboard with me and #MFRWauthor again this week?



Week 46: Let Me Brag for a Moment

Let me Brag for a Moment? Bragging is the topic for this week? Oh, for Pete’s sake! This isn’t going to be easy. I’m not a bragger, per se, so how do I write on this topic? It’s easier for me to write about what I CAN’T brag about. I could mention my kids, but I have during this past year. There are no grandchildren to post pictures or talk about. I’m not a great cook. It’s true. You can get out of practice by not cooking often. I don’t bake when I’m the only one here to eat it.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance,

Here’s a good one: I could brag about my inner strength and the ability to persevere, but I believe we’ve covered those topics this year. Where does this leave me?


I try not to brag about my books, reviews, etc. I’ve posted reviews and Amazon Best Selling list placement before. I find when I do much bragging about my books, bad things happen, so I don’t make a habit of this.

I deleted the rest of the original post from this point on. Instead, as hard as it is to brag, I will brag about my ability to pick myself up at the bootstraps and survive. Seven years ago I didn’t know how I’d survive financially after leaving my job and moving across the state to live with my youngest son. Thank you, Jim.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance author, cowboys, bull ridersI admit, moving in with my son encouraged me to get serious about reaching for my dream. I published Howdy, Ma’am after struggling, for personal reasons, to write that book for over two years. It’s hard to write when your mind is in turmoil. In the end, the turmoil helped me to finish this book. It opened the door for me to continue writing western romance. I’m about to publish book number eleven. As soon as Finding Kimber is published, it’ll be my third book this year. Now, I’m proud to say I’m in my own apartment and comfortably taking care of myself. The point is, I picked myself up because I was determined to survive. These books contributed to that survival to this point. This is worth a little bragging to me.

Phew. This week’s topic is over. Can we move on now?

Hey, how about moving on with me to see what the other authors have to brag about because y’all know this is a BLOG HOP.

Heck, in reality, I think all of us authors, creatives, and everyone should be bragging about our accomplishments. We send our hearts out into the world every single day and are judged. Doesn’t that take some guts? Again, I think we might’ve covered ACCOMPLISHMENTS this year as well.

Enjoy your weekend. I can’t believe it’s Friday already.