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Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, author

Marketing For Romance Writers 52-Week Blog Challenge

Well, darn, at first glance, I thought this topic would be difficult. My “Bucket List”? I didn’t have one. I didn’t have one until I had to write this post. It was easier than I thought. I cheated, too, by looking at websites listing bucket list ideas. It shocked me to find I had done many things on their lists, but only minor things like visit Niagara Falls or climb a lighthouse. Then I took some time to brainstorm and give some thought to things I’d like to do before I’m no longer able to do them.

We can only list five, but I came up with many more, which surprised me. Have you watched the movie, Bucket List? I haven’t, but now maybe I will. After eliminating things like escaping to other countries—Italy, Greece, and Scotland, or to hit a best-seller list on USA Today or a comparable list, I’ll list my five.

Top Five Things on my Bucket List

Remember, this is only five things on my list. These five and the other things on my list may not be exciting to the average person, but for now they work for me.


  1. Hike “The Wave” in Arizona. This would be like walking into another world. I wonder how long I’d have to train for this. I’d like to pull out the BIG DSLR camera for this romp, but I wouldn’t want to carry it. If you watch the video, it takes a few seconds to get to their destination. They’re showing directions. To those interested in something like this, it’s well worth the twelve minutes to view. I had a cup of coffee while watching.  ❤


2.  Visit all 50 states. I’ve been to eighteen. To remain positive, I’ll say eighteen down, only thirty-two to go.


3.  Horseback ride on a beach. 


4.  See the Northern lights. Once I saw the Northern lights from my back yard. They weren’t colorful like you see in pictures. They were multiple streams of wavering white lights that almost looked like big spotlights used to advertise a grand opening or some other event. Regardless, it was incredible to see even this. I want to stand out and be awed by the beautiful colored lights I see in pictures. I want to be as excited as Craig at Stay Adventurous was upon watching them. Stay Adventurous with Craig Zabranksky. Update: Craig got back to me and gave permission to use a photo, but be sure to check out the other photos on his website. Thanks, Craig. 😉

Stay Adventurous


5. Visit Arches National Park. North of Moab Utah. Ever since my son sent me pictures of his tour through Arches National Park, I’ve wanted to go. Again, how long will I have to train for this?  🙂

Well, that’s my list. I can’t wait to get started. How about you? Have you ever made a Bucket List?

This is a blog hop. Let’s visit the other participants in the 52-Week Blog Challenge. Some of the authors have participated EACH week. I’m sad to say I’m not one of them.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance,

T.G.I.F. Enjoy your weekend!