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Waving hello! I hope you aren’t sick of me posting excerpts of late because I’m including one here for Finding Kimber. Earlier this year I had backed away from posting many Short Snippet Saturday posts. I haven’t scheduled promo for this new release like I have in the past other than social media and a sidebar cover promotion here and there. I guess we’ll consider this a promo post.  🙂  Sorry if I bore you to death.

Note: Last week I participated in the Second Change Romance Promo and Book Cover Poll at Storyfinds. My book cover for Whispers of Forever: Mending Christmas, won. Thanks to those of you who voted.

For newcomers, Whispers of Forever is the first book in the Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series. (A Double Dutch Ranch Spin Off Series.) The following excerpt is from the second book in the series.

All right, that’s enough blabbing for now. Let’s get to the excerpt.

In the release announcement, you met Tressa Garnett in the opening scene of Finding Kimber.  Let’s see how she deals with life on a ranch, and Zach, in her new identity:

“Canyon Junction?”

“Ah, yeah. This is Canyon Junction. Arizona?” His eyes questioned for a moment, but he nodded toward the road again. “The store will be on your left off the highway. You’ll eventually find other places to shop.” He glanced at her vehicle. “Use GPS. Give me your phone. I’m fairly new here by the standards of this town. I was forced to find my way around.”

“I’m a city girl. I’ll make my way.” She pulled her phone from her jeans pocket and handed it to her bossy foreman. No one told her she lived in Canyon Junction. She reflected on the name of the newspaper—Canyon Junction Gazette. Oh, boy.

“I’m entering my phone number along with the name of the store. You’ll find it.” He handed it back. Glistening white teeth gave way to an inviting smile.

“Thank you.” She read what he had written. “Assuming my vehicle has GPS.”

“You don’t know if your vehicle has GPS?” Now he looked at her as if she were an idiot, which frustrated her.

She rubbed at her arms. “It was delivered this morning. I haven’t looked inside yet.”

“Lucky girl.”

She left his side and hurried down the drive ahead of him. I’m a woman not a girl. And she didn’t feel lucky to have lost everything she ever owned and loved. Her new beginning brought a mouthy ranch hottie with an attitude. She glanced back, and he still stared at her. It made her want to growl out a few four-letter words at him. In fact, she might before the day ended.

Back inside the house she got her keys, but when she came out, he was nowhere to be seen. Good. Kimber started the SUV and perused the dash, taking in the new car smell. Indeed, the vehicle had everything—more than her vehicle at home had. She’d set it before leaving, and she’d also check maps for the Double Dutch Ranch. Nothing would keep her away from the Equine Camp taking place there.

Zach strutted up to her when she got out, his demeanor full of confidence. “Could I ask you something, ma’am?”

“Certainly, but you don’t have to call me ma’am.”

He tapped the brim of his hat. “Sorry, I’ll try to remember, Ms. Sinclair.”

Kimber scratched at her arms, a habit she had when frustrated. She hadn’t wanted to be. Too much had happened in a short time, and her fuse shortened by the moment. “What did you want to ask?”

His chest rose in a sigh, which she took for frustration of his own. “What do you plan on doing with this place? You have two horses. That’s barely enough to keep a foreman around. I want something steady.”


“And by the way. If I’m a foreman, who the hell am I a foreman to? There’s nobody here but you and me.”

“I don’t have an answer to either of your questions.” She knew nothing that was going on here and didn’t like being out of control like this. “Maybe I’ll start a rescue, but I haven’t given it much thought. I need time here. I know I have only two horses.”

“A rescue ranch has already been done. A rancher at the Double Dutch started a horse rescue some years ago. Does good for him from what I hear. Hard to believe how many horses need rescuing so they don’t get slaughtered.”

“Ooh, that’s awful. Well, can’t we have two in this town?”

“Do you know how big this town is? No, probably not since you don’t even know what town you live in.”

Son of a bitching smart ass. Kimber fisted her hands at her sides. His rock-solid chest in that blue t-shirt looked like something good to pound. She peered into his blazing green eyes, then nodded toward the barn. “I’ll be back when I finish shopping. I’m sure something around here needs worked on. The barn needs fresh paint. The interior could use some repair, including the inside of my house. I’ll let you know when lunch is ready.” She tromped back toward the house.

“Don’t bother.”

So, this is how it’ll be? Damn hardheaded Idaho cowboy.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful Wednesday. See you on Friday with a new 52-Week Blog Challenge theme. It’s already written.  ❤  I’m ahead of the game this week.