I’ve always had a weakness for reading a good love story, so when my muse said we’re writing romance, I had to go with my heart. I love having the ability to put my thoughts into words for others to enjoy, and I write from the heart.

Other writers have always been my inspiration. Growing up an avid reader and a writer from a young age, I still believe today, that you can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader. As a child, I remember reading comics with my youngest brother… However, I had to write my own captions!

As a wife with children, I returned to high school continuing education classes to get my diploma and continued on to earn a college degree. I’ve had post-secondary classes in creative writing and photography. A few years ago I taught Creative Writing at a local community college and had a blast working with adults.

Something not many know about me: One day while working in an office as a young mom, I got laid-off and promoted in the same day. In that order.

My full time career, prior to full-time writing, was working in public education in middle and elementary schools. This job was important to me as I worked with kids with learning disabilities in reading and math. After I retired, I began writing on a full time basis – another job I love and will do for as long as I can.

Writing is, and forever will be my “warm fuzzy.” So is strong coffee with cream, butter pecan ice cream, and doggie hugs!


I’m mom to two grown sons and one gorgeous daughter-in-law. My Australian Shepherd/ Chow mix still lives on in my heart and some of my books. (Whispers of Forever, Finding Kimber, Hooked by Sundown, and some books in the Double Dutch Ranch series.)

My books have been Amazon #1 International Best Sellers in Contemporary Western fiction and Amazon Hot New Releases.

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When I started writing my first book, it was supposed to be Women’s Fiction. I never meant it to be a romance novel, but it quickly turned into a full-fledged love story. I learned something about myself – I know how to write a romance novel.

No matter what anyone says, or how many noses get turned up when I say I write romance, I’m proud of my chosen genre. If you think it’s easy creating a couple who falls in love, try it sometime. It isn’t easy, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.


On Writing

I write sensual-sweet romances with love and growing relationships between our heroes, heroines, and their families. NOTE: In the future, I intend to revise all of my books to a PG-13 and below rating. Now, most are rated “R” by movie standards.

However, my newer books are rated PG-13 and lower:

  • Seasoned with Destiny: A Gift of Love
  • Blue Snow in the Moonlight
  • South of True North
  • Secret Santa’s Rundown Sleigh: A holiday Romance Novella Rated PG

My stories are character-driven and range from heartwarming to emotional and compelling.

Do you like “happy endings”? I do! I also like small town romances, second chances, cowboys, and their close-knit families. How about you? Ready for emotional and compelling reads?

Can you handle cowboys who are gentlemen but harbor a touch of bad and a lot of sexy? Our heroines are strong because of what past experiences have taught them, yet, they’re soft and feminine when holding a cowboy or a child in their arms. Plus, they like doggie hugs too. Oh, and they don’t mind leaving the lights on in the bedroom.

As Writer— I write Sensual-Sweet Contemporary Western Romance with strong family ties, but I have a new calling that I’m trying to pay attention to. Hence, the new, lower ratings on my books. My cowboys are gentlemen with a little bit of bad. Our heroines know they’re cocky enough to be dangerous but charming enough to get what they want. They’ll stand by their side through it all, as long as they’re treated with respect. The rewards are sweet. ❤


Author of:

  • Bull Rider Series
  • Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight
  • Canyon Junction, Hearts in Love Series – A spin-off series to the Double Dutch Ranch Series
  • Two-Five Ranch Outlaws
  • 2 Single Title holiday Romances. Look for a third holiday romance in 2023. Check out the Menu for Links to all of my series and single titles.

Capturing the Moment

Photography is my hobby – another way to let my muse run free.

Mt. Shasta on a clear day in Northern California.


Lake Michigan Sunrise from Chicago.
Me taking a picture

I love this quote: “Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.” ~George Scialabba

In Addition:

PURPOSE: This Website is about my published books and works in progress. My BLOG covers a little rambling, Short Snippet Saturday (or any day that strikes my fancy). Inspiration for the Muse posts can cover music, quotes, snippets, or whatever inspires the moment. However, my blog is not limited to only these topics. Once in a while I’ll have a Guest or Reblog a post from another blogger.

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