Two-Five Ranch Outlaws

Book One

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Meet retired bull rider and cattleman Tanyon Outlaw and Dr. Karis Sutton.

See below for information about The Common Elements Romance Project.


*Plunge into the first book in Mary’s Brand-new Western Romance Series—Two-Five Ranch Outlaws.

Four knife-piercing words in a frantic phone call from her mother, caused Dr. Karis Sutton to leave her cowboy in Northern Arizona to return home. While grief-stricken over a tragic loss, she’d let the man she loved slip away instead of allowing him to console her in a time of need. Now, a year later, and ready to break free from her world of gloom, she drives north to seek a second chance with the moody yet irresistible alpha-owner of the ranch. But she’s forced back to Phoenix to fight to keep two fatherless kids. While doing so, will Tanyon think she’s leaving him again and give up on any chance they might’ve had? She’s pulled in different directions. How will she make it right with so much distance between them all?

Tanyon Outlaw never thought he’d see her again. Now, she’s returned as part of the summer crew on the Two-Five Ranch. In her sad eyes, he sees straight through to her pained soul while memories of their past love invade each thought. What will it take for his cold heart to grow warm toward her again? Then, when bad things happen on the ranch, it comes in droves. Karis is called back home. A lawsuit looms over his head. Fences are cut to maim or steal his cattle. Someone else has an eye for the woman he longs to love. He’s running out of time. How can he discover why people are out to get him while figuring out what his heart wants?

Once again, Karis and Tanyon have separate, life-changing matters to attend to, so how will they keep it all together and still find a way to capture the love they once shared?

*Heat Level: Rated “R” by movie standards – Steamy

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Hi, readers! My new series takes place in Northern Arizona. Picture Route 66 and the Williams, Arizona area, the Grand Canyon Railway, pine trees, snow in the winter, cattle ranch, Flagstaff, and sunrises in Sedona!

Wills Bend is the fictitious town in this series.

The Common Elements Romance Project

This was a special project with a group of other authors. We all wrote our own individual books, so you will have a LOT of new books to read in a variety of genres and heat levels.

Five Common Elements found in each individual book:

  • A lightning storm
  • Haunted house (or rumored to be)
  • Lost keys
  • A person named Max (or short for something else)
  • Stack of thick books.

I had so much fun coming up with ways to use these elements in my book! This project was awesome, and I loved participating. I hear there might be another go around in 2021 with all new elements.

I wrote a blog post with an extended excerpt from Chapter One. You can read it HERE.

Book Two

Featuring Cade Outlaw.

Due to illness, this book release has been delayed.

Two-Five Ranch Outlaws Coming Soon, Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Western Romance Novel

Will the family ever accept Faith into the Outlaw fold, and what will Cade do if they won’t?

When I wrote the first book and knew Cade would be our star in the second book, I didn’t intend for Faith to be the heroine. However, without realizing it, and right before my eyes, I had created a plot for their story. More importantly, Faith did a lot of nudging my shoulder to let me know I needed her to make this story complete. She was so right.

Book Three

Date to be determined.

Veronica, known to most as Ronni–the oldest sibling and the only female will be our star in the third book. Her brother Tanyon says of his gray-eyed sister that she can ‘damn well kick any man’s ass if she put her mind to it.’ Who will come into her life thinking they need a second chance (or an ass-kicking)? You’ll get a hint before the end of book two.

Image credit: Pixabay: Freepics4you