Two-Five Ranch Outlaws

Second Chances are Possible on the Two-Five Ranch.

Book One

Meet retired bull rider and cattleman Tanyon Outlaw and our heroine Dr. Karis Sutton.


*Plunge into the first book in Mary’s Brand-new Western Romance Series—Two-Five Ranch Outlaws.

Four knife-piercing words in a frantic phone call from her mother, caused Dr. Karis Sutton to leave her cowboy in Northern Arizona to return home. While grief-stricken over a tragic loss, she’d let the man she loved slip away instead of allowing him to console her in a time of need. Now, a year later, and ready to break free from her world of gloom, she drives north to seek a second chance with the moody yet irresistible alpha-owner of the ranch. But she’s forced back to Phoenix to fight to keep two fatherless kids. While doing so, will Tanyon think she’s leaving him again and give up on any chance they might’ve had? She’s pulled in different directions. How will she make it right with so much distance between them all?

Tanyon Outlaw never thought he’d see her again. Now, she’s returned as part of the summer crew on the Two-Five Ranch. In her sad eyes, he sees straight through to her pained soul while memories of their past love invade each thought. What will it take for his cold heart to grow warm toward her again? Then, when bad things happen on the ranch, it comes in droves. Karis is called back home. A lawsuit looms over his head. Fences are cut to maim or steal his cattle. Someone else has an eye for the woman he longs to love. He’s running out of time. How can he discover why people are out to get him while figuring out what his heart wants?

Once again, Karis and Tanyon have separate, life-changing matters to attend to, so how will they keep it all together and still find a way to capture the love they once shared?

*Heat Level: Rated “R” by movie standards – Sensual.

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Hi, readers! This series takes place in Northern Arizona. Picture Route 66 and the Williams, Arizona area, the Grand Canyon Railway, pine trees, snow in the winter, cattle ranch, Flagstaff, and sunrises in Sedona! Oh, and a cute tri-color Australian shepherd. Wills Bend is the fictitious town in this series.

Note: So far, the Common Elements project only pertains to the first book in this series. However, I think it might be fun to add them into another book in this series.

Common Elements:

  • Lightning storm
  • Lost Keys
  • Haunted house: Really haunted or rumored to be
  • Stack of thick books
  • A person named Max: or can be short for something.

I had so much fun coming up with ways to use these common elements in my book! This project was awesome, and I loved participating.

Book Two

 You’ll meet Cade Outlaw, his heroine, Faith Ribeiro, their daughter Nadia, and the Outlaw family and friends.


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Townsfolk cheered when they fell in love. Then they destroyed them with rumors and lies.

Rancher Cade Outlaw and his ex-fiancée share custody of their daughter, and they’re growing close again. Her ex-boyfriend’s vengeful attack on her seven years ago destroyed Cade and Faith’s happily ever after. When Cade asks for a do-over, he vows to protect the relationship from the pain that separated them—to keep her and their child safe from their past. But how can he take a step back if he gets the chance to settle the score? Is Cade’s love for Faith and Nadia strong enough to hold on to the second chance they deserve?

Heartbroken, pregnant, fired from her job, and Cade’s focus on avenging the assault took a toll on Faith Ribeiro. To heal, she’d left him. Years later, a Fundraising Executive and single mom, she lives with emotional and physical scars. Cade is the only man she’ll love, and she can’t deny the powerful chemistry between them. However, rekindling a relationship may invite wickedness back into their lives. What will she do this time if Cade still wants to pay back the man who abused her? How much will her heart break if Nadia gets swept up in their chaos after striving to keep her from it?

They’re stronger together, though they need to overcome the challenges standing in their way of a peaceful life—hate, heartache, vengeance, and family betrayal. But how will they hang on to the profound love they once shared if they don’t come out of this unscathed?

DISCLAIMER: This story contains references to domestic abuse that happened outside of the book. Our hero, Cade, is NOT the abuser. Brief scenes and memories play out in Faith and Cade’s thoughts.

Book Three

Coming 2023.

Veronica “Ronni” Outlaw, known to most as Ronni, will be our star in the third book. Ronni works as a cowpuncher on the ranch when she’s needed. In earlier years she competed in breakaway roping, but she’ll take on any cowboy in tie-down roping. She’s the oldest sibling and the CFO for their family business. Her brother Tanyon says of his gray-eyed sister that she “can damn well kick any man’s a$$ if she puts her mind to it.” Who will come into her life thinking they need a second chance (or a butt-kicking)? A hint is revealed in book two.

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Book Four

Date to be determined.

Dusty Outlaw is the fourth sibling and falls in line behind Cade. Dusty chases gold buckles. He participates in team roping, cutting, and bulldogging. When not competing, he, along with Cade, manages hiring and firing of employees, and is a cowpuncher on the ranch. He’d like to settle down, but he says the “right one” hasn’t come along yet.

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The next sibling brother is Levi Outlaw. At eighteen, he has some growing up to do before, and if, he gets his own book. It’s likely he won’t. However, he appears in all the books, so you’ll get to know him with or without a book. There’s a huge age gap in between him and his siblings. It was a shock to everyone when he came along. Their parents, Jesse and Ruth, know that age is only a number. 😉