Reading Order

Reading out of order will likely give away information on previous books as characters’ lives progress. Kids are born and grow up when they appear in each new book, but each story is complete in itself with NO cliffhanger endings. If you choose to read only one, you will have a full story in itself. 

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Two-Five Ranch Outlaws

1. Imprisoned in a Cowboy’s Heart

2. South of True North

3. TBD: Veronica (Ronni) Outlaw-Mills meets an old flame.

4. Dusty Outlaw wants to tell his story too.

5. At eighteen, Levi Outlaw needs a few more years to get some experience under his belt. He may or may not get his own book. However, you will see him in all of the books.

Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight

1. Cowboy Boss and his Destiny

2. Heartbreak’s Reward

3. Of the Cowboy’s Own Accord

4. Lassoing the Last Dance

5. Seasoned with Destiny: A Gift of Love

6. TBD A newcomer appearing in Book Five and a series regular gets the next book. They don’t know it yet though, so hush.

7. TBD A holiday series wrap up and a double wedding? Is it the end of the Double Dutch Ranch Series?

Welcome back to Canyon Junction!

Spin-Off Series to the Double Dutch Ranch Series.

Canyon Junction: Hearts in Love Series.

1. Whispers of Forever: Mending Christmas – Meet Jake Lawton, business owner, and rancher. 

2. Finding Kimber – Kimber Sinclair is a newcomer to Canyon Junction. 

3. Hooked by Sundown – Will Wade Emory finally find the one? Wade is Jake Lawton’s ranch foreman and Dane Carlson’s best friend.

Don’t worry, our Carlson cowboys and family members will make subtle appearances in this series. Featuring people who live and love in the small town of Canyon Junction, Arizona with an occasional newcomer along the way. I can’t part with our Double Dutch family either.  ❤

*Bull Rider Series Books

1. Howdy, Ma’am

2. Hey, Cowboy

3. Christmas at Love House: A Bittersweet Interlude

4. TBD ???

*Caulder McCutchen, the hero in this series, is a cousin to the Carlson family in the Double Dutch Ranch Series. These two series have had crossover events. Caulder appears in Heartbreak’s Reward in the Double Dutch Ranch Series, and Judy Carlson and her son Jase appear in Christmas at Love House: A Bittersweet Interlude, Book Three in the Bull Rider Series.

Judy Carlson and Caulder’s mom, Dolly, are sisters-in-law. Judy married Dolly’s brother, Bill Carlson. Other than that, these two series aren’t connected.

Single Titles

Blue Snow in the Moonlight: A Holiday Romance

Secret Santa’s Rundown Sleigh: A Holiday Romance Novella. 🎄☃

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