Holiday Romances

Blue Snow in the Moonlight

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Single Title Full-length Holiday Romance


He makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

If it was up to Cullen Hollister, he’d hibernate this time of year. But he has a renter in his cottage, cattle to tend to, and kids waiting on Santa Claus. So, instead, he’s in the town square, ready to light up Sugarton in a festive Christmas display. In the crowd of onlookers, a stranger’s smile captures his attention and awakens lost desires. After the hoopla, an acquaintance introduces her, but her heart seems as cold as his.

As his luck goes, a blizzard forces them together in the cottage he loathes. He’s drawn to her and admires her assertiveness, down-to-earth nature, and blue-snow eyes. Cullen discovers a yearning more powerful than stubbornness. If Christmas magic is real, will it show him how to trust again, or is it as fake as his previous marriage?

Elle Palmer-Shaw uses her cousin’s wedding in North Dakota as an escape from sorrowful memories. She meets the handsome green-eyed owner of the cottage, and a simmering attraction grows. Christmas takes on a new meaning while spending time with Cullen and his kids.

His memories of the cottage are painful, yet he makes her an offer she can’t refuse. It’s a simple solution until she’s called back home. She tries to convince Cullen to keep the rental cottage available—to give them a chance when she returns—even after dropping a bombshell about her past. But will he destroy his walls and let her in, or will he continue to exist instead of live and love?

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Book Two (series name pending)

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Full-length Holiday Romance coming in 2023. Return to Sugarton, North Dakota this Christmas. In book two, you’ll meet one of Cullen Hollister’s friends and his family who was only mentioned once in Blue Snow in the Moonlight. He has quite a story to tell and receives a Christmas surprise he never expected.

Secret Santa’s Rundown Sleigh: A Holiday Romance Novella

Single Title Holiday Novella

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A feel-good holiday romance novella. The heat level in this little tale is on the sweeter side and exactly what I wanted for this story. However, it does contain kissing, mild cursing, and alcoholic beverages.

Why does a stroke of bad luck happen now while on her way to Mackinaw City, Michigan on a blustery weekend? Two days before Christmas, Terra Westbrook and her young daughter have nowhere to stay. How can she convince her child that Santa will find her while sleeping in their car in a gas station parking lot—if they don’t die from hypothermia first? For her child’s sake, she accepts an invitation of a warm home from a resident in the village, but Terra soon learns, the kind person had no right to offer. However, she never expects the homeowner to be a lonely widower who hides tenderness and a big secret under his hard-hearted exterior.

Jude Overton isn’t interested in a relationship let alone a wife. He tried marriage once. Sometimes his heart still aches. Now, if only his sister would get the message to stop matchmaking him with single women. His life is complete raising his daughter. He’s doing the best he can to make her happy. Jude accepts this as enough until he gazes into a stranger’s melancholy eyes that hold an unspoken yearning. As the big day rolls around, he expects it’ll be just another day like the past five Christmases as a single dad, but maybe this year, it’s a good thing his sister chooses to ignore his wishes.

More About This Book:

This is different from the other books I write. For example:

  • It’s shorter–the low end of novella size. Two-hour read.
  • It isn’t a western romance. Don’t worry, I gave my hero horses!
  • It takes place in Northern Lower Michigan, my home state, and where, as a child, I used to spend time with my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and six cousins, and even more cousins and aunts and uncles when all of our families congregated there. Four of my cousins and their families still live “up north.”
  • It’s toned down in the heat department. Not steamy like my other books.

I wrote a blog post HERE with an extended excerpt.