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Posted May 21, 2018.

Your use of Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books Website and Blog is subject to these terms:

Unless otherwise indicated, the content on this site is copyrighted, unpublished, and not for sale. However, copyrighted books that are “published” are for sale or free at retailer sites for you to purchase legally.

  • Books and book covers are copyrighted and covers contain their own copyrights by the designers. For example, Legitimate promotional companies or bloggers who are posting an ad with a book cover for Mary J. McCoy-Dressel’s books with permission, are allowed to download the necessary book covers (Mary’s) for use on their site as a promotional advertisement for Mary’s books whether free or paid, e.g., Romance Lives Forever Blog, Kindle Book Review, The Romance Reviews… If in doubt, contact Mary. No one can edit or manipulate the cover design.
  • Photos from Pixabay and Morguefile are free but have their own copyrights and terms of use.
  • Other stock photo licenses have been purchased by the Site Admin (Mary J. Dressel, Mary J. McCoy-Dressel) and cannot be copied or downloaded. The photographer holds the copyright, and you may purchase your own from them or a stock photo company.

You may link to and briefly quote the content on this site. Links to the content or brief quotes from the content on this site posted on social networks or elsewhere are not to be construed as publication. Hitting the PUBLISH button on this site does not mean this work is published, per se, other than the novels that are here for LEGAL PURCHASE at ESTABLISHED retailer sites like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook, etc.

BOOK PIRACY: Legal purchase does not mean illegal purchase through book piracy memberships to read books for free. Do not download Mary’s books for free from illegal sites who have no permission to sell or give away her books’ for free. If you see and download her books for free other than at an established retailer, this is theft and is copyright infringement.

You must not:

  • Sell, giveaway, or rent material from this website.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, download, create derivatives, copy or otherwise exploit material on this website for any purpose unless otherwise noted.
  • Redistribute any content from this website, including onto another website unless using the “Reblog” and “Press This” features or social media buttons which all point back to this website/blog, or with permission from Mary J. McCoy-Dressel or copyright holder of guest posts unless otherwise noted.
  • Do not leave comments or messages containing hate language or threats. They will be deleted and may be reported.

Mary J. Dressel, Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change or modify portions of these Terms at any time. You are urged to periodically check for changes to these Terms of Use. Dates will be added at the top of this page with a summary of what has been changed. Changes will become effective immediately. Your continued use of Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books after the date when any such changes become effective, constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms.

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