Works in Progress

I love writing sensual contemporary western romance. To write a series is even better. It’s so much fun to give a secondary character from one book, their own story.


Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, Double Dutch Ranch Series Books

Something Brand New

Coming late 2019. This hush, hush new book–hush, hush as in keeping details under wraps, is in collaboration with a whole lot of other authors. It’s not a bundle or an anthology. Honestly, I can’t say more about this one, yet, but I’m excited. One thing I can tell you, readers, is this book will not be a part of any of my series. However, it will be a contemporary western romance. This will be a standalone novella or novel, whichever it turns out to be when I get back to writing it. I only have a few pages written!  Details will follow when I’m allowed to talk about it.

Canyon Junction: Hearts in love Series Book #3

Coming in 2018. I’m writing Wade Emory’s book as we speak. He works with Jake in Whispers of Forever and appears in Finding Kimber, Book #2. Wade is Dane Carlson’s best friend. But, what the heck is he doing on the Pacific coast?

Book #5 in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight

This book won’t make the 2018 deadline. This book is no longer a big question. The idea had my muse scrambling, and some readers wanted to see it happen. I have decided to write the book. Is it time for Judy Carlson to take on a serious relationship? And would the lucky guy be Martyn? A fine new gentleman made his appearance in Lassoing the last Dance. He was, indeed, impressed by Judy. However, someone else lurks in the background with a secret admiration. But what about Jase, Tristan, and Dane? Are they ready for a stepfather? Getting this past Jase, her oldest son, might not be easy.

Book #6 Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight 

This is an “if” but a possibility. This guy floats in and out of my mind with a backstory he wants me to explore. He who? He makes an appearance or is mentioned in all the books, beginning with Cowboy Boss and his Destiny and carries over to the spin off series. Any guesses? If you guessed Rob Adams, you’re right. He has a heart-wrenching backstory.


Will there be a fourth book in this series? I’m glad you asked, but I don’t have an answer. Some readers want to see what comes next. If you do, contact me to let me know you want more. Christmas at Love House #3 didn’t go over as well as the first two, so I can’t help but wonder if the Bull Rider Series has run its course. What do you think?