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I love writing sensual contemporary western romance. To write a series is even better. It’s so much fun to give a secondary character from a book, their own story.

What’s Coming?


Christmas Novella 

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, western romance, Marketing for Romance Writers, 52-Week Blog Challenge,This is different from the other books I write. For example:

1. It’s shorter–the low end of novella size.

2. It isn’t a western romance. I had to give my hero horses!  ❤

3. It takes place in Northern Michigan, my home state, and where, as a child, I used to spend time with my grandmother, aunt and uncle, and six cousins, and even more cousins and aunts and uncles when all the families congregated there. Four of my cousins and their families still live “up north.”

I’m purposely holding back the titles on all my new releases.

Brand-New Series

Mary J McCoy-Dressel, Website WIP Page Image, Route 66 from Dreamstime. comComing November 2019. Book #1. Second Chance Romance. See the beginnings of the book page HERE.

Details about this new book is under wraps for now, but it’s due out November 2019. However, this first book is in a collaboration with other authors. It’s not a bundle or an anthology. Like my other books, this one is a sensual contemporary western romance.

Oh, by the way, our hero has four siblings. This is a new series in the making!

UPDATE: This book is Finished! I have a blurb. Cover is finished and SMOKIN’!

Route 66 Image Credit: © Allnaturalbeth | Dreamstime

Book #5 in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight

Judy Carlson’s book is coming in 2019. Fans of my Double Dutch Ranch Series and the Spin Off Series wanted to see this book happen. Is it time for Judy Carlson to take on a serious relationship? A fine new gentleman made his appearance in Lassoing the Last Dance, Book Four. He was, indeed, impressed with Judy. However, someone else lurks in the background with a secret admiration.

Butwestern romance, mary j mccoy dressel, double dutch ranch series: Love at First sight what about Jase, Tristan, and Dane? Are they ready for a stepfather? Oh, they will let you know in this upcoming novel with multiple POVs because you know, the Carlson Cowboys will not sit quiet when a man sweeps their mom off her feet. Hmm… The plot thickens.

HINT: They approve of one of them but not the other. Will Judy choose the right one and what if she doesn’t?

Book #6 Double Dutch Ranch Series: Love at First Sight 

Publishing date to be determined.


Oh, by the way. The boxed set and the individual books have brand-new covers!

Will there be a fourth book in this series? I’ve been tossing it back and forth whether to write another book in this series. Since I wrote the last one, I had almost 100% settled on not writing a forth book. Nevertheless, there has always been a nagging tug to write another book in the series. However, the last book wrapped-up everything just in case it was the last book in the series. Velia and Caulder are still one of my favorite couples. I’ve considered writing a novella.

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In case you missed the Brand-New Covers!


Books 1 – 3

Available Now!

Mary J McCoy-Dressel Books, western romance author. New covers for boxed set website and retailers.

Mary J McCoy-Dressel books, western romance author. Image for website and retailers.

Another image of the boxed set.